Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

Cultivating member success and a strong grower community
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The Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (MFVGA) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting Minnesota’s fruit and vegetable growers and related agri-businesses. Our mission statement is “cultivating member success and a strong grower community.”

MFVGA seeks to encourage and improve fruit and vegetable production and marketing through sponsorship of a variety of educational opportunities, the MFVGA Newsletter, sponsorship of vegetable and small fruit research, cooperative efforts with state and federal institutions, and the coordination of group purchases of berry plants and produce bags.

The Minnesota Vegetable Growers was formed in 1952 to encourage and improve vegetable production and marketing in Minnesota, to provide educational opportunities for growers, to cooperate with educational institutions to further research, and to promote and advance the vegetable industry.

In 1984, the association changed its name to the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and the educational emphasis expanded to include both fruits and vegetables. The Minnesota Berry Growers Association officially merged with MFVGA in 1992.

MFVGA is run by an all-volunteer board of dedicated fruit and vegetable farmers. Click here to meet our Board of Directors.

Educational Opportunities

Each winter, we hold the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Expo in cooperation with the Minnesota Apple Growers Association, University of Minnesota Extension Service and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Topics at the annual conference include vegetable production, small fruit production, marketing and much more. Each year’s program offers a variety of topics designed to be of interest to large and small growers.

The annual Expo also features a variety of vendors showcasing the latest in equipment, seeds, tools and more.

In addition to our yearly conference, we publish a quarterly publication: The MFVGA Newsletter. We work hard to provide the most up to date information on growing practices, new research, changing laws, regulations, marketing and product promotion, educational opportunities, risk management strategies and much more.

MFVGA sponsors an annual summer tour and picnic that allows growers to see research dollars at work while socializing with other growers. If you are interested in hosting or have a location you would like to visit, please contact us today!

Cooperative Projects

MFVGA cooperatively works with the University of Minnesota to obtain section 24c special needs crop protection labels for fruit and vegetable crops in Minnesota.

Recent partnership agreements with the USDA – Risk Management Agency and the RMA Community Outreach & Assistance Partnership Program have allowed MFVGA to help fund several projects and resources including:

  • The Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable IPM News, a cooperative project by the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
  • The Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Manual for the Beginning Grower was updated and expanded by the University of Minnesota Extension Service.
  • The Minnesota High Tunnel Production Manual for Commercial Growers was developed by the University of Minnesota Extension Service.
  • An on-line Vegetable Diagnostics Tool has been developed by the University of Minnesota Extension Service.
  • The Nutrient Management for Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Crops in Minnesota Bulletin has been updated by the University of Minnesota College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Research Projects

MFVGA has sponsored several research projects in cooperation with the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and others. Our goal is to continue to foster research projects that will benefit a vast number of growers throughout Minnesota.

Cooperative Efforts

Cooperative Efforts with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture include:

  • Minnesota Grown Promotions
  • Local Promotional Campaigns
  • Minnesota State Fair Booth (Horticulture Building)

MFVGA coordinates group purchases of strawberry and raspberry plants to gain better pricing for all who participate in this program.

MFVGA works for Minnesota’s large and small fruit and vegetable growers by increasing the awareness of the high quality and availability of Minnesota Grown fruits and vegetables.