Order Minnesota Grown Bags Early

Plastic Bags: Originally designed to hold a dozen ears of sweet corn without tearing, millions of these bags have been used by a wide variety of Minnesota Grown producers to hold a wide variety of Minnesota Grown products.

The bags are a heavy 1 mil white plastic t-shirt style bag printed with a dark green “Minnesota Grown” logo that includes the “Fresh From Your Neighbor” tag line.  The bags are 23” x 7” x 12” and the bags are recyclable.  Bags must be ordered in increments of 1,000.  The bags can be customized to include your farm name, market name, etc.  The minimum for customized orders is 5,000 bags. To order, contact MFMA at info@mfma.org or 507-664-9446.

Reusable Bags: These large SmarTotes are hunter green with white printing.  Made of non-woven polypropylene, the bags have a reinforced bottom and fold together and snap closed for easy storage. MFMA is currently evaluating the desire for this product. If you are interested in purchasing reusable bags, please contact the MFMA.