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The Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association membership represents a diverse group of growers and business people who work together for a common goal - the success of Minnesota's fruit and vegetable industry.

Membership dues support the work of the association and because of strong interest in the association, MFVGA has been able to offer new educational opportunities and additional resources to members and area growers.

In 2003, MFVGA worked with the University of Minnesota Extension Service and was instrumental in obtaining a Section 24(c), Special Local Needs Registration, for Stinger use on strawberries in Minnesota to control thistle and other labeled weeds.

Recent partnership agreements between MFVGA and the USDA - Risk Management Agency (RMA) and the RMA Community Outreach & Assistance Partnership Program provided funding to continue the Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable IPM News and funded the development of The Minnesota High Tunnel Production Manual for Commercial Growers and the updating and expansion of The Minnesota Fruit & Vegetable Growers Manual for the Beginning Grower.

Agreements also funded the re-printing and distribution of IPM Field Guides and IPM Manuals for strawberry and apple growers.

Recent projects include the development of an on-line vegetable diagnostics tool and the updating of the Nutrient Management for Commercial Fruit & Vegetable Crops in Minnesota.

Many of these projects have been in cooperation with the University of Minnesota Extension Service and/or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

MFVGA has also sponsored a variety of vegetable and small fruit research projects conducted by the University of Minnesota.

Fruit and vegetable producers who are direct members of MFVGA also receive reduced registration fees for the annual conference and trade show and free or reduced subscriptions to one of the selected periodicals. Updated information relating to fruit and vegetable production is forwarded to growers as it is received from the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture and other relevant agencies.

MFVGA is an established grower network. Joining the association and attending the annual conference and trade show puts you in touch with educators, researchers, and other growers. Growers readily admit that they learn more from each other than from any other source.

Tap into the network - expand your knowledge and gain access to the experts.


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